WWDC 2018 Take aways

-Clayton Campbell Apple hosted its 2018 World-Wide Developer conference yesterday in San Jose, although there were no hardware releases, Apple has placed huge focus on their software and have released some very cool new features to look forward to! Here are some of our favourite take aways from the event.  iOS 12 Apple are releasing iOS 12 in the spring time and with iOS 12 comes an increase in speed! Everything will load up to 40% faster and will work on all devices that currently run iOS 11. Memoji comes to iPhoneX! Create cool Animoji’s of your self to use in texts. Siri Shortcuts Apple have brought work flows to the Eco System! If you rely on the full ecosystem this is pretty neat! Personally I use everything from maps on my phone, to an Apple HomePod at home that controls my lights and a Tile that lets me know where my keys are.  With Siri Shortcuts, I can now tell Siri I’m heading home, she can then notify me exactly where my keys are, how long it will take me to get home on the best route, turn my lights on at home and get my favourite album playing on my HomePod. Pretty cool! Digital Addiction Tools! This one gets me really excited, as we work with a lot of schools and children managing screen time poses to be a difficult topic for parents and teachers. Apple has now introduced tools that allow you to monitor how much time you spend on Apps, set yourself limits, or if you are a parent, using Family Sharing disable certain apps and even limit devices to core functions like phoning! This is going to be a game changer! MacOS Mojave! This is my all time favourite update! MacOS now has dark mode, allowing you to switch away from bright windows to a more darker theme, a new sexy dynamic changing desktop that changes throughout the day. For the user who has a messy desktop, the best feature of all goes to Stacks! Apple now automatically sorts like for like files into stacks on your desktop giving you an organised look and an easy to find tool for the files you access frequently. iOS apps are coming to MacOS in late 2019 but Apple have started with the launch of Home, News and stocks coming to the Mac this spring. Security and privacy Security and privacy is a key undertone of all Apples new releases, data privacy and user protection is a huge focus, no more pesky adds and unknown data collection in Safari. ARKit ARKit hits version 2.0. bringing developers more tools to use and create amazing AR immersed experiences – with this Apple launches Measure – a new App that acts as a ruler to measure 3D objects. Group FaceTime! This is something I am personally excited for – perhaps we can let go of Skype now? FaceTime up to 32 people at the same time, hopefully we can finally say goodbye to “hello, can you hear me?” Apple Watch Apple Watch got some cool gym updates and the ability to compete with your friends in Activity, but the coolest update of all is definitely the Walkie Talkie App! This has so many real life applications, especially for my field services team! Some very exciting software developments happening with Apple and iOS 12 and MacOS Mojave, if your organisation needs assistance in deploying Apple Devices to its users, Onsite can help. We currently assist some of Africas biggest brands deploy Apple devices to their users. Read more about this on our Website – www.onsitegroup.co.za