Jamf makes sure everyone gets more out of their Apple devices, and no-one in Africa knows Jamf better than we do.

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Everything Apple for your organisation, managed anywhere.

If you’re being tasked to deploy, inventory and secure Apple devices in your organisation, nothing makes this process simpler than Jamf Pro. We are the only accredited Jamf Services Partner in Africa, and we have been helping organisations around the world manage, connect and protect their Apple Devices with Jamf Pro.

No one in Africa knows Jamf Pro better than we do, and you’ve never deployed a device easier than an Apple with Jamf, we promise ūüėČ


Endpoint protection built exclusively for Mac.

Developed exclusively for macOS, Jamf Protect provides a complete solution to maintain endpoint compliance, monitor for, respond to, and remediate security incidents on macOS with minimal impact to the device and end-user experience. Coupled with Jamf Pro – there is no better tool available that can detect, prevent, isolate and remediate the Mac like Jamf Protect and Jamf Pro.


Mac authentication and identity management using Jamf Connect.

With employees working remotely and from different locations, organisations need to be able to manage and secure devices and their company information without the challenges of binding to on-premises Active Directory. With Jamf Connect, a user can unbox their Mac, power it on and access all of their corporate applications after signing on with a single set of cloud-identity credentials. No more keychain issues like with binding to Active Directory. Keep Kerberos tickets in tact allowing for single sign on to corporate resources.

Ensure device compliance with Jamf Pro and

Intune Conditional Access.

Every organisation wants to ensure that only trusted users, on trusted devices, using trusted apps get access to their data. Conditional access allows organisations to define criteria for identifying unmanaged and non-compliant devices and set-up processes to remediate them.

With extensive Mac inventory data from Jamf in place, Intune now evaluates compliance, generates a compliance report, and Azure AD enforces conditional access to protect company resources, like Office 365 data, email, documents, or any application that uses Azure AD for authentication.

Setting up iPads for different use cases has never been easier with Jamf Setup.

Jamf Setup enables shared iPad or iPhone usage for any workflow. IT supplies a list of role-based profiles (like corporate, training or kiosk) and users select the appropriate configuration for their role. No IT interaction or login credentials required. Once selected, appropriate settings, apps and resources are automatically downloaded and displayed.

Jamf Setup works great for schools needing to share an iPad lab between primary and high school classrooms. Being able to reconfigure devices for different use cases at the tap of a button.

macOS Monterey for Beginners

This guide provides you with a thorough understanding of the new Mac operating systems, and ways to carefully prepare for and implement an upgrade. You’ll learn how to minimize disruptions and eliminate unplanned downtime while gaining the knowledge to deliver organizational value and walk users through their macOS Monterey upgrade.


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