Schools are very aware that the pace of change in and around them is exponential. It is hard to keep up with the trends while maintaining strong academic standards and a soulful ethos and steadfast values. Onsite offers a turn key solution from conception to completion around bringing innovation into:

curriculum, teacher training, student learning, parent communication, technology integration, creative teaching spaces, infrastructure that supports the solution.

The most common thread

That weaves through innovation not happening within a specific learning community, is because of lack of vision and focus. A failed technology roll-out normally boils down to lack of vision from management which leads to all parties pulling in separate directions – this wastes money, time and energy. Spending time to create, communicate and implement an innovation vision and strategy, will be the most valuable exercise you will do.

Onsite Education has the expertise plus the objective, external view to support your management team from the initial workshop through to the communication and implementation.

The Processes :

  1. Meeting with Executive Team of school
  2. Analysing current state (school/classroom visits)
  3. Proposal – running an Innovation Vision Workshop (one day)
  4. Implementation – communication of Innovation Vision to broader learning community.



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