Explore the amazing world of robotics and coding

Our offering:
  • Educational robotics kits & online courses
  • Robotics building projects
  • Online competitions
  • Coding concepts for the foundation phase
  • Possibility toolbox for teachers
  • Inspiring robotics and coding lessons for the classroom
  • Show off your skills and creativity with our in-curriculum PBL
  • STEAM Days

Learn the basics of robotics and coding from the comfort of your home.

Our courses focus on programming and building circuits using an Arduino, each Module purchased comes complete with all components required. Learners with no knowledge of programming will navigate through the basics of code writing by using simple inputs and outputs to allow them to understand the programming language c++. The courses are progressive and are packed with lots of exciting projects and discoveries.

Arduino Starter Kit

The Arduino starter kit is a hands-on, fun way to learn the basics of robotics, coding, and electronics. This kit contains 20 fun instructional lessons to teach you the basics of inputs, outputs, electrical circuits, and how to code on Arduino.

Buy now - R599
Buy now - R799

Autonomous & Line following rover

Build and code an automated robotic rover
that can be programmed to avoid obstacles and follow tracks. Explore the world of self-driving cars or have fun building a track that your rover can race around.

Robotics Bundle offer

Our Robotics and coding combo kit includes the following: The Arduino Starter kit, Autonomous, and line following Rover.

Buy now - R999