Top 10 reasons to use Jamf in your school

Check out why Jamf solutions are best-in-class for managing and securing Apple devices, and learn how we support an optimal learning environment for your students.

Author: October 12, 2023 by Mat Pullen


amf helps schools deliver a secure, active learning environment to everyone with iPad, Mac and Apple TV devices.

We work with schools worldwide to help students succeed with Apple. Jamf’s solutions are used in 40,000 institutions globally, empowering over 42 million students via 1:1 or shared Apple devices.

Central to our mission: empowering student success through an educational ecosystem that supports teachers, parents and school leaders. Read on for the top reasons why Jamf School and Jamf Pro are the Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions of choice for today’s digital classrooms.

Top 10 reasons Jamf is best-in-class

1. It’s a total solution purpose-built to manage and secure Apple devices and to optimize learning.

We help education institutions of all sizes use Apple technology to deliver transformational teaching and learning anywhere. Because Jamf offers both management and security, you get everything you need to maximize your investment in Apple. Our framework offers endpoint protection, network threat prevention, content filtering and identity and access solutions focused on Apple. With these features, you can rest assured that students, teachers, and staff can focus on learning while staying safe online.

2. Jamf Safe Internet keeps students safe and their information private.

Centered around privacy for students, Jamf Safe Internet helps schools keep students safe by blocking harmful or adult content using a vast content filtering database. Google Safe Search and YouTube restricted modes are available to limit content within those apps and search engines.

New this year: Jamf Safe Internet is also available for Microsoft Windows. Another ever-increasing issue facing educational institutions is cybercrime— including phishing, malware and ransomware. Jamf protects both your network and end users from lost learning time as well as damages to school systems, including potential costs of rebuilding or ransomware.

3. Jamf’s Google alliance partnership helps students and staff stay productive.

Jamf has a dedicated team that works closely with Google to develop meaningful integrations across Google Classroom and Google Cloud Identity. Jamf Safe Internet’s support for Google Chromebook can your district or campus stay safe online, no matter which devices they use.

4. Jamf’s Microsoft alliance partnership enhances learning with Microsoft tools on iPad.

Numerous schools and institutions continue to use Microsoft tools and services to elevate their educational experience. Jamf goes beyond merely supporting these tools. We support the integration of Microsoft Office 365 through Apple School Manager and federated IDs to provide access and identity to student devices. This enables iPads to use the Microsoft tools that schools have access to while ensuring that devices are deployed and configured to be most effective in the classroom.

5. Jamf apps enable teachers and parents to keep students focused and safe online.

The Jamf Teacher app enables teachers to not only prepare lessons with specific apps and web pages but also prevent distractions by limiting both apps as well as select device functions— such as the camera. During class, for immediate attention, teachers can use the attention screen to lock students out with a custom message. Jamf Teacher also allows educators to send direct messages to individuals or groups of students.

When school is over, the Jamf Parent app allows parents to disable notifications for students on the way home to prevent distractions for children who should look both ways while crossing the street. Parents can also enable location notifications to alert them when students arrive at school or home. Jamf Parent also helps parents keep students focused on homework by modifying access to games and limiting social media use.

6. Jamf Student encourages students to communicate their needs and help themselves.

The Jamf Student app neatly organizes assignments so students can easily find apps, books and documents in their library. When they have questions, learners can easily message their teachers. For times they need a little more help, they can virtually raise their hands to ask the teacher to come to their desks.

7. App Installers and Patch Management monitoring manage your entire application lifecycle.

Beyond offering Self Service with automated workflows for deploying and updating apps, Jamf also provides tools to help you deploy any type of software and keep them updated in the most secure way. The Jamf App Catalog features over 1100 app titles and versions, with 127 apps available via App Installers. We streamline the app lifecycle process so that IT admins don’t have to manually monitor, package, and update apps. We also offer patch reporting natively within the Jamf Pro console, which IT can customize to get the needed data for their environments. For any apps outside of the Jamf App Catalog, we also offer Jamf Title Editor, which extends the power of Patch Management monitoring to the apps you use.

8. Jamf Assessment easily delivers proctored exams on iPad.

With features like screenshot detection, camera enablement and custom exam URLs, Jamf Assessment allows you to easily proctor a remote exam on any modern video conferencing platform. Here’s how it works: a teacher starts a video conference session on their iPad and invites the student to begin the exam. To meet exam security requirements, proctors can see the iPad screen, as well as see and hear the student.

9. Smart Groups and extension attributes turn device inventory data into actionable automation.

Inventory is often defined by key data points like model, serial number, operating system, and capacity. Jamf Pro takes inventory collection further by including data points about packages installed, running services, certificates, available software updates and even fonts.

What if the inventory data you’re looking for isn’t automatically collected?

No sweat. Jamf offers extension attributes to help you create the picture you’re looking for about your Apple devices. You can set up policies to collect the inventory data or even create custom data points via extension attributes like Lease End Date – and keep track of it all with advanced searches to save your inventory views. Once you have all the data, our patented Smart Groups create dynamic groupings across your Apple fleet that depend on multiple inventory attributes so you can pin down exactly which devices need what. When a device attribute changes, Jamf Pro does the work for you by dynamically shifting Smart Group membership.

10. Jamf Setup and Jamf Reset allow seamless and secure device sharing.

When you use Jamf Setup and Reset with Jamf Pro, you can provide seamless shared device experiences for students and staff. Uses range from libraries to computer labs, loaner devices to the campus police force, residential hall check-ins to on-campus retail stores or sports stadium purchases. Securely provision and share devices with a single tap to select the configuration/role. When finished, tap on Jamf Reset to wipe and reset the device so it’s ready for the next user. Return Device to Service is also available in both Jamf Pro and Jamf School to simplify the reset process.

Beyond the top 10: the evolution of modern education

This top 10 list is just a brief introduction to the ever-evolving ways Jamf can support you as you integrate technology into the learning process to empower student success.

Request a free trial to learn more about how you can make the most of digital tools and transform your learning environment with Jamf School or Jamf Pro.